Pitting Online Marketing vs. Offline, Here’s The Result!

The choice to do product or service marketing there is many, Jasa SEO  just how you choose and look at what is considered most effective. I do not see that online marketing is superior to everything, and offline marketing is outdated and totally ineffective. Not that it means because after all, it will not be up to online marketing to people who rarely or never access the internet. To answer all these questions, here are the full reviews!

Online Marketing
Paid advertising and marketing program is aimed to put your own website pages to the top position on Google search engine with certain keywords. Promotions like that usually referred to as SEO, the funds should usually be done by a trusted Jasa SEO for your campaign can run optimally. This online marketing is not cheap, but also not too expensive.

Offline Marketing
If the placement on a busy roadside, of course, effective and become a marketing and branding strategy is quite powerful, especially if it is supported by a large and clear billboard size. However, the drawback is that you need expensive advertising fees and expensive rental space depending on location and street noise.