Secrets to Stimulate the Development of the Child’s Brain

Actually, you can stimulate the baby’s brain development in the womb meaning early on, even when the baby in the stomach should be given a stimulus with good nutrition from foods that contain Omega 3 is very good for baby’s brain development. Further, stimulate the child’s brain development is done after the baby is born by using various games that can stimulate the child’s brain development such as foam blocks game. In addition, an also do some of the ways below to stimulate brain development of children!

1. Give a baby massage is soft and relaxed because the massages you give can stimulate the baby’s brain development to be connected.

2. Performing a baby’s gymnastics as it moves – cross-hand movements and foot movements such as pedaling a bicycle can also stimulate the child’s brain. Perform the movement several times and not too long.

3. Invite the baby to communicate by telling you what activity you are doing, this can teach the child to talk.

4. Sing a child every day with the same song it aims to make babies learn to predict and memorize the songs you bring.

5. How to stimulate the child’s brain 1 year can be done by giving a picture book with contrasting colors but do not immediately faced with two different images so that children are not confused.