History, rules, and equipment of the softball

Softball game. The game was created by George Hancock (United States) and was first played in Chicago. The rules of the game were made by Lewis Robert in 1906 and in 1916 repaired by Matthew. In 1930, there was a change of game from indoor to outdoor by H. Fischer and M.J. Ponley. In 1968, a softball game was introduced in Asia, when a championship was held in Manila. In the meantime, perhaps you should also check out the best slowpitch softball bats for the more convenient during the game.

Softball Game Rules

a. Field

The softball field is rectangular, the length of each side is 16.76 m.

The length of each side is 16,76 m.

The distance from the home base to the pitcher is 13.07 m.

Place pitcher (pitcher plate), measuring ± 60 × 15 m.

The softball game has three runners perch called a base. The base consists of base I, II, and III, while base IV is directly bypassed. Base IV is a place to hit (home base). Each base is made of rubber or canvas which is bearing, with the size of each base 38 × 38 cm and 5-12,5 cm thick, except home base measuring 42,5 × 21,5 / 22 cm peak side measuring 30 cm.

The extension of the line from the home base to the base I and II is called the boundary line/sector, the point is to determine the ball falling inside or outside the boundary.

b. Player equipment

Each team must use a softball uniform and a numbered hat, as well as other tools for the guard.

Equipment for the guards, among others:

Guard players wear gloves (a kind of glove) made of a rather thick skin, measuring 38 × 38 cm and weighing 283 grams. For the rear guard or Catcher, in addition to wearing a glove also wear a face or head shield called a mask/face mark and a body protector called body protector.

The ball is made of leather which consists of a mixture of cork and rubber. The ball circle is 30 cm and the weight of the ball is 190 grams.

The bat or stick used must be in accordance with the provisions issued by the softball association which is not more than 40 cm in length.