5 Signs of Stress in Adolescents

Teenagers do tend to be moody. At one time they can look sad, but soon they’ll be fine. However, depression is a very different thing. This is not just the usual moody attitude experienced by teenagers. Depression is a serious medical illness and should be addressed by the best and trusted therapist as you can find at https://ayahuascahealings.com/. Regardless, how can you distinguish between depressed teenagers and moody ones? Here are some guidelines for recognizing depressed teenagers!

1. Easily angry, sad, feeling empty, and assume that life is meaningless.

2. Loss of interest in sports, hobbies, or activities that they usually enjoy. Withdraw from friends and family, as well as having problems in dealing with others.

3. There is a change in appetite. Weight loss decreases gradually.

4. Often excessive activity during the night, causing less sleep. Sleep patterns are not normal, sometimes excessive and sometimes less, followed by difficulty waking up in the morning.

5. Experiencing delays in physical, over-paced or repetitive or repetitive behaviors.