Gaming Laptop Specs In General

The most basic thing that became the standard of a gaming laptop is a matter of specification. All gaming laptops are required to have a dedicated GPU to help the graphics performance of the laptop. Simply put, gaming laptops must be equipped with GPU / Graphics Cards separate from the CPU. Chips that are embedded in the device is generally a CPU and GPU middle class, to upscale, depending on the price of the 13 inch gaming laptops 2018 itself.

For example, if on a mainstream laptop using the processor (CPU) Intel Core i7-7200U, hence on a gaming laptop, at least will use Intel Core i7-7800HQ processor. Or if using AMD CPU, mainstream laptop using AMD A or FX series, then on a gaming laptop, at least use AMD Ryzen series CPU. It should be noted, although both use i7, the performance will be different because the mainstream laptop uses the power-saving series (seen from the “U” behind the serial number), while the gaming laptop uses the high-performance series (seen from the letter “H” “Behind the serial number). That is, a gaming laptop will provide better performance than an ordinary laptop. Although the consequence is the consumption of power will become more extravagant.

Not only about CPU and GPU, but generally gaming laptop also has provided SSD (Solid State Drive) as main storage, which is usually also supported with additional HDD (HardDisk Drive) to store more data. You need to know that the use of SSD will greatly affect the performance of a laptop. What makes gaming laptops different from ordinary laptops is a more optimized cooling system, a thing that is not owned by mainstream laptops. Why optimize cooling? Because this kind of laptop is designed to work hard. Please note that when playing games with high graphics detail, CPU and GPU will work very hard. Thus, the temperature will rapidly rise.

The better cooling system will keep the performance of the laptop itself while making it more durable. Because if the CPU and GPU temperatures are too high, the system will automatically decrease chip performance in order to stay safe to operate (avoid the risk of burning). Meanwhile, to make this device have good cooling, this laptop is made thicker to provide more space for hot air from the CPU and GPU can circulate (and discharge out) well.