Required Terms to do Hajj

The term of Hajj is a condition that if fulfilled in a person, then the person must perform the Hajj. But if not fulfilled all or part of the conditions, then the person is not obliged to perform the Hajj. If you have all these requirements, you can visit

The jurists have agreed that some of the mandatory Hajj requirements are as follows:

– Islam
Like other worship in Islam, the Hajj is only mandatory for the Muslims. Moreover, the Hajj is a worship that is bound by place and time. Hajj is held in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

– Baligh
Children who have not reached the age of baligh, are not required to perform the hajj. But if he does, then the hajj is valid. However, it does not abort the Hajj obligation after he baligh.

– Capable
– The capabilities include the following:
– Not physically weak due to old age
– Guaranteed security on the way.
– The existence of excess livelihood from the basic needs is enough for himself, and the family that they left until he returned to his family.
– The presence of vehicles to go to the holy land, and vehicles to go back home.