Other Things to Prepare When Visiting Singapore

Do you already have tiket universal studios singapura? However, if you never come to Singapore before, nothing’s best than having a good prep which can help you experience the most of your journey. Unfortunately, many people make the mistakes. The first thing to prepare is a passport! Because without a passport, you can not be free in and out of another country. Make sure the validity period of your passport is not less than 6 months from the date of departure. If your passport expires, please renew it. Well, for you who do not have a passport, you can make it online.


Well, you may spend few days in Singapore, so it would be better to be smart in choosing accommodation service, even more, if you want to enjoy anything when coming to Universal Studio without getting stressed due to travel and accommodation problems. There are many choices of hotels and hostels in Singapore. If your budget is sufficient, the hotel is a very comfortable alternative lodging. To get a cheaper price, book an accommodation a month before departure. In addition to facilitating you while in Singapore later, choose a hotel or hostel that is located close to the public space.